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Show em the love

I do not envy high school or collegiate strength and conditioning coaches.¬† There is pressure to achieve results and ultimately wins for the coaching staff.¬† One must interact with numerous coaches with different personalities and goals. Player injuries are a major concern as well as training players who have never lifted a weight much less seen the inside of a weight room! Let’s not forget about the weight room itself. Maintenance, repairs, scheduling workouts-those issues are full-time jobs in themselves! Now that the weight room is in order, try balancing the workout programs for individuals and teams. I guess this is why you have¬†assistants and interns-if you’re lucky.

Bottom line is folks, respect your strength coach. He or she has a heck of a lot on their plates and being an idiot in the weight room and goofing off certainly isn’t going to improve your athletic performance. You get out of it what you put into it-coaching included.


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